Sunday, January 11, 2009

Log of Maah,Rap and Nyx

From the blog of Nyxmyst

Maa: You know, he's not interested in you.
Nyx: Really?
Maa: Yep. He'd lie about that.
Nyx: You begged his collar?
Maa: Yes.
Nyx: He told you point blank he wasn't interested?
Maa: Yes.
Nyx: But what.. he'd be afraid to tell me that? I'm too scary?
Maa: He wants information from you?
Nyx: Because I don't put EVERYTHING on my blog already?
Maa: ...

She likes to cut and paste pieces or make things up entirely and well understood that this conversation never happened and that it is a complete fabrication and out right lie.

Here's the actual log

maahsatti: To:

1/4/09 4:06 AM
maahsatti: quote]
I'm enjoying myself with him. He's fun.. and interesting.. and our political and economic debates are pretty

maahsatti: Greetings,
Yes, I agree, he was fun and he was interesting and He and I also had many a fascinating debate. BUT he sabotages himself, when he feels he is letting his gaurd down, so to speak. At least thats what it seems like to me.
He was very hurt by a slave of his, yrs ago and I felt very bad for him over that. He down played his hurt of course, but it still came thru loud and clear.
The fact is really, John is a very lonely and a very bitter man, something he will never be it.But when that bitterness came to bite me in the ass for no reason at all except to just lash out at someone, I had,

Had enough. I agree Rapture has not changed and there in lies the real problem. as I said, he feels himself above change and growth and fancies himself a big know it all, thats just th
maahsatti: fancies himself a big know it all, thats just the plain fact of it.
I am in no way angry or upset he told me no..lmao...far from it..and infact, we kept on talking and debating etc etc well after that event. I even was the one who told him about CM and talked him into checking it out and participating on CM. Thats where he and I had our falling out....*shrugs*


PS. My keyboard is having a brainfart and why the sentances are messed up
maahsatti: maahsatti: I did not *beg* your collar John...I said what I stated on the message DO show me the proof of my begging....and IF you showa transcript of me begging, it is or has been doctored by you...because I infact did NOT beg a collar from you
maahsatti: as far as being fat...ahh well...guess you cant use that any more I am no longer...and btw...I may have been fat, but you are not the most attractive man...inside or out...I asked to be with you ONLY because of therespect I *had* for you...certainly notbecause of your looks...see the diff is, I can and did lose cant change your apparently you can not change your bitter ugliness inside either, which iswhat*truly* makes you ugly
maahsatti: BTW, Tom/Orion knows me, and I know he certai
maahsatti: maahsatti: BTW, Tom/Orion knows me, and I know he certainly would not take anything youhaveto say with any grain of salt
rapture203: lol. oddly enough the log is on a dvd. so no doctoring and of course you would lie
rapture203: So you roll the dice
maahsatti: it can still be doctored and you know it..I did not beg your collar, I asked in theway I explained it on the post away
maahsatti: maahsatti: you have never intimidated me John and you never will
rapture203: not when file information is preserved
rapture203: i like computer forensics
maahsatti: People all have your least the ones with a brain
maahsatti: how many times do youhave to be banned to get that?
rapture203: you mean people like marcus who contradict themsleves. like orion who cant make an agrument to save is life. you mean deceiftful people like silks and steel and bull..and now you?
rapture203: You mean because i contradict people... i prove them wrong. and those people who bann me are the very people who get contradicted
maahsatti: and like I said to you...if thisis gonna be an insult it..Im notplayin g and will just put you right back onignore
maahsatti: rapture203: actually i wasnever on iggy because you got my message
maahsatti: I got your invite
rapture203: iggy prevents that
maahsatti: then removed youfrom iggy...Mr know it all
maahsatti: no, it does not
rapture203: lol you may want to talk to yahoo tech support
maahsatti: Thats an issue with have this God complex and think you know it all
rapture203: what research do you speak of by the way?
maahsatti: I think you should
maahsatti: cuz you were def on ignore and Istill got yourinvite request
maahsatti: at first I could send, but could not see replies, till I removed you
maahsatti: rapture203: so you say. not bad from coming from you who has said many things thus far and cant prove one of them
maahsatti: so..figure it out for yourself
maahsatti: whatever John...go play your games with thelittle girlies who
maahsatti: dont know any better
rapture203: more baseless conclusion... excellent.
rapture203: then you post your "research"
maahsatti: bye now John, back onignore you go
rapture203: yada yada
maahsatti: my research had provoked me to research some of the topics we used to debate...NOT
research on you
maahsatti: you both are dumb
maahsatti: laughs
maahsatti: try correctly reading
rapture203: still .. what is your research? just blind, vague, and overly broad comments that have no support
maahsatti: maahsatti: You have no basis to judge that in such a way...yet you will and do, cuz likeI think you know it all
rapture203: I ask for your proof and you provide bullshit
maahsatti: what proof
rapture203: yes i do have the right. you made the allegation
maahsatti: proof of what?
rapture203: all that research of yours
maahsatti: I do not recal everything from all those yrs ago....what I was saying was...when we had a debate about any given subject, you prompted me to look into it , within the books, was over various topics over time
maahsatti: rapture203: i'm sure you could retort.. heck i can. any specifics?
maahsatti: yet you get your panties in a twist, cuz you thought I meant I researched you and thought I was trying to insult you,whenIwas not
rapture203: just emailed that conversation to you.
maahsatti: so, dig those panties out of your ass John, you made an error on my intent and now can not even be man enough to admit thatmuch
rapture203: why dont you say this shit in front of me.
maahsatti: come on out hereand I will
maahsatti: I have said this shit to you onthe phone too
maahsatti: rapture203: send your info...
maahsatti: so, dont play thatcard with me
rapture203: actually our phone conversation was quite pleasant
maahsatti: yes, they were BUT I never sugar coated things with you
maahsatti: not online oron the phone
maahsatti: why I can give you my info right here
rapture203: cant wait till you are bitch and make your claims as you did online.
rapture203: do so then.
rapture203: get my email yet?
maahsatti: 4 FoxRun Apt 8 Marshfield Ma, 02050....1-781-837-2473...did I miss anything?
maahsatti: laughs
maahsatti: my claims?
maahsatti: what claims
rapture203: actually a airport would be nice.
maahsatti: Logan Airport...Boston Ma
maahsatti: rapture203: oh boston.. i feel a holiday coming
rapture203: Get my email?
maahsatti: and No, I will not meet you and pick you can rent a car and come
rapture203: so many people to visit..
maahsatti: I did and will read itsoon
rapture203: you assumed facts
maahsatti: facts about what?
rapture203: dont you love it when the mighty silk and steel peoples are usruped by a mere female.. i find it quit enjoyable.
maahsatti: that you would not collarthe little girly and that you onlyuse her?
rapture203: that i wanted you to pick me up
maahsatti: oh
maahsatti: I could care less about S&S
maahsatti: never did care about them
maahsatti: I prefered JD
maahsatti: rapture203: i find it amusing. and how the typical clusterfucked morons think they are know something when they didnt even bother to actually readon the books.
rapture203: JD?
rapture203: and the reason i got booted from jd was that I wouldnt tolerate their censorship and it was more than just idle internet bot stuff
maahsatti: if she did, I never recieved it
rapture203: you defended him
rapture203: you opened the door
rapture203: deal with it
maahsatti: damn right I did...and still do
maahsatti: maahsatti: so, whats to dealwith
rapture203: defend a liar and a felon then.
maahsatti: felon? far as a liar, that remains to be seen by me
rapture203: but then again... that is par for the course on cm, with you, raven, and members of silk and steel
rapture203: as for nyx's email you may want to check your spam folder
maahsatti: I have never been a member of S&S and I do not lie..infact I am brutally honest...why?...I haveno need to lie
rapture203: you have lied about me. and I will prove so within 24 hours if you do not publically applogize for your false comments or be prepared to defend them with Proof.
maahsatti: my days of lieing and gaming ended many yrs ago whenI admitted to duelling
maahsatti: rapture203: yes i know about your past.. "jala"
rapture203: I suggest you prepare your proof as to your statements then.
maahsatti: like I said...I did NOT *beg* your ost what you want...I will defend and stand by my words...if in fact they are my words and not doctored
maahsatti: umm...everyone knows about Jala...even when I was using Jala, I told people relevent to me
rapture203: i dont doubt that.
maahsatti: so, try again sweet heart
rapture203: I made a statement not an allegation.
rapture203: i know you publically admitted to the dealings of jala
rapture203: lol
maahsatti: so, whats your point
maahsatti: rapture203: Like i said I will just post the verbatim log of the entire conversation which will disprove your statements.
rapture203: regarding your posts on cm
maahsatti: go for it
rapture203: you have the conversation in your email...
rapture203: ya and you remember your place female. "[13:14] Nyxmyst1: Mistress Maa: I will be up front from the start...I approved this request, under the condition you show proper respect, if will be terminated
nyxmyst1: Polite I'm willing to be. Define "proper respect"."
rapture203: obvisously you need to be shown that again
maahsatti: if you think I do not know already she isnt showing you...think again
maahsatti: rapture203: lol. dont give yourself credit..
maahsatti: credit for what...having a brain?
rapture203: remember you have been up and down so many times it isnt funny
maahsatti: up and down?
rapture203: yup.. you know slave fw slave fw slave fw
maahsatti: lol...2 times fool
rapture203: thanks for the admission. want a quote as to that?
maahsatti: you love to make things out to be more then they are
maahsatti: a form of lieing
rapture203: more than once is good enough
maahsatti: admission?...I already admiited it yearsand yearsago
maahsatti: so, again...try again
maahsatti: rapture203: Yes you have.
rapture203: so you are just a female.. and lower than a slave: “If a girl of caste is enslaved, and then disowned, she, while slave cannot stand in companionship. Even if freed, without family, and by the same act, without caste,
would have a status beneath the dignity of the meanest peasant wench, secure in the rights of her caste. She would be among the lowest women on Gor. Even a slave girl has at least a collar” .(Hunters, pg. 135)
rapture203: One of my favs: "Make my maidens slaves," she said, "they are good for little else. But I am a free woman!" "Do you think you are better than they?" asked Samos. "Yes," she said. "You are no different from them," he said. "You, too are only a female." Players of Gor pg. 13
maahsatti: maahsatti: whatever...Im trying to read...
rapture203: yada yada yada
rapture203: uh huh.
rapture203: I like this one to re our conversation and your admissions in your post on cm: Any free woman who couches with another's slave or readies for such, becomes , by law, herself a slave and the property of said slaves owner.
pg. 7 Magicians of GOR
maahsatti: rapture203: or readies for such...
rapture203: there are of course other favs i have
rapture203: running your mouth again?
maahsatti: number 1..I still did not beg your was put forth asz hypotheticals mixed with my feelings for youat the time...I stated I would *if you required it*...number 2...the slave I had was platonic..and I never saidz anything tothe contrary...I can not sleep with someone I do not respect and he was useless and worthless to me
maahsatti: itJohn
rapture203: i will.
maahsatti: and I will point out all myclaims
rapture203: glad you have confirmed the authenticity
maahsatti: and people..azs usual will see you for the decietful liar you are that holds no honor or promise he makes
rapture203: which promises were those?
maahsatti: maahsatti: yep...and I still maintain the fact, I did not beg you
rapture203: still empty allegations where those.
maahsatti: to not show the transcript...not because what I was doing was wrong, but because they were my personal feelings and were only meant to be szhared with you
maahsatti: what allegations?
rapture203: [13:28] maahsatti: and people..azs usual will see you for the decietful liar you are that holds no honor or promise he makes
maahsatti: is true, if you post it
maahsatti: but go ahead and post it
rapture203: I will.
maahsatti: I do not hold those feelings anymore
rapture203: ok. so what.
maahsatti: big deal...but it shouldz be to will only prove my point
maahsatti: rapture203: as i said ... annotated.
rapture203: and just like marcus here .. just blow smoke to prove a point verse references
maahsatti: I do not know what annotated means
maahsatti: dont care that much to look either
rapture203: oops
maahsatti: as I said...I did not beg your collar..I expressed my feelings towards you
rapture203: suit your self
maahsatti: so, make an ass of yourself..Im sure you are used to it by
maahsatti: and I need to go
rapture203: havent you noticed anything... esepcailly about cm.. that there is this silent majority and a vocal minority that just gets shit wrong
maahsatti: rapture203: and people are run off when they dare to disagree with the "in crowd".. i could name them but you already know
maahsatti: I could care less about CM...I do not like the censorship either or the BDSM crap...BUT I do respond to topics in the Gorean section, that intrest me to do so and to better communicate with those I respect and admire
maahsatti: thats something I do run off when faced with adversity
maahsatti: I charge at it
rapture203: didnt you need to go? then i suggest you charge at it when i post. with your evidence
maahsatti: I damn well intend to
rapture203: Good.
maahsatti: then, you will be placed, right back on ignore after I point out how petty and dishonest you are
maahsatti: and I will enjoy it
maahsatti: rapture203: you still havent learned .. because each time you tried you have failed.
rapture203: kewl.
rapture203: :)
maahsatti: have I really? guess thats why people do not take youseriously and they do me
maahsatti: lol
maahsatti: cuz I do not lie
maahsatti: I do not sugar coat
maahsatti: and I do not play games in order to always be right
rapture203: you still bathering? I'll post. You respond. and as I said you best have more than just your word to back you up.
maahsatti: I do, I have the transcript...then I will have my explained intent as shown on the tran
maahsatti: lol
maahsatti: Jesus, grow up
maahsatti: now, truly. I gotta go
maahsatti: byeeee
rapture203: ....

"You know everyone out here is not going to like each other that is natural and I personally do not have a problem with conflict and arugement with others, but I refuse and draw the line and will not abide an out and out ruthless liar. There is no honor in lying."